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Ukrainian Medical Council gives the patient a new generation of doctors who know how to behave with patients. They are good professionals and treat the patient with compassion and respect.

We understand that medicine is a business industry and why NGOs, together with other organizations for the protection of patients' rights and public authorities should provide a good level of service.

Our ethics commission wants to be the best regulator of relations between patients and doctors. We want doctors to prepare for this important change public professional advice that will ensure public confidence in the doctors.


Where to start ?


Please ask your doctor if he is registered, a doctor at the Ukrainian Medical Council. This will give you a guarantee for fair treatment and service.

If you want to complain about the conduct and professionalism of the doctor. The Ethics Committee will be able to objectively assess the risks the patient, we will also report all incidents to the media and alert employers to limit or suspend the activities of non-professional medical doctors.

You can also refer yourself to the officials or the hospital district, city, provincial departments of health in writing. May be assigned to service check and you will be given a conclusion. With this advice, you can go to court.


Ukrainian Medical Council

Tel: (044) 592-05-75

Tel: (050) 405-03-47