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About SolidarMed


SolidarMed’s approach is based on evidence, innovation and health systems strengthening, covering areas of primary care, HIV, maternal and neonatal health, malaria, child health, community health, hospital services and non-communicable diseases.


Working for SolidarMed


SolidarMed regularly has vacancies for medical staff and epidemiologists.


Preconditions for employment


  • professional qualifications,
  • language skills,
  • flexibility,
  • commitment.


SolidarMed provides a flat-rate contribution towards deployment expenses like:


  • Vaccination advice and vaccinations,
  • medical check-ups,
  • personal medication,
  • moving costs,
  • notarization
  • translation of documents,
  • storage of personal effects,
  • luggage transport,
  • background reading material, visas.





  • for the employee: CHF 3‘500
  • for the adult companion: CHF 1‘500
  • per child: CHF 500


Flat-rate is paid out once on departure. In case of a contract extension, this flat-rate will not be disbursed again.

In addition to the monthly salary, SolidarMed will pay citizens from other countries a flat rate of CHF 1’000. This includes the flat rate pension contribution for non-Swiss citizens.


If SolidarMed requires attendance on a particular course (e.g. HIV management course, language course,deployment preparation course), then participation is mandatory. All required preparations and course registrations will be completed by the Employee in coordination with head office in Lucerne. The costs of participation (course fees, transport, accommodation) will be borne by SolidarMed. Where additional costs are incurred for meals, a per diem flat rate of CHF 50.00 will be paid. With the exception of language courses, SolidarMed will not cover the costs for accompanying family members.



Contract length


Minimum contract length is 3 years. Most of positions are suitable for families.

SolidarMed doesn’t offer internships or trainee positions.  

You can only apply for a specific vacancy as SolidarMed are not able to process or store speculative applications. Due to the high number of applications, only shortlisted candidates receive an individual response.





Salary: The salary and payment procedures are defined in the employment contract.

Child allowances: CHF 200.00 per family per month for children up to the age of 16.


Education allowances: CHF 100.00 per family per month and child. This allowance shall be paid by SolidarMed from January of the year in which the child reaches the age of 5, insofar as the child attends lessons. It is the responsibility of the Employee to apply for this education allowance. School fees will not be paid.


Accommodation: Free accommodation in a furnished (basic furniture and equipment) house or apartment. Should rent be charged for accommodation in accordance with local customs, then this will be taken into account when calculating the living expenses. All costs for electricity, water, domestic staff, personal telephone etc. Shall be borne by the Employee.


Assumption of travel expenses: SolidarMed will select the means of transport – as a rule scheduled flights – and will purchase the tickets. Costs for travel to and from the airport will be not be reimbursed.


Home leave: For the employee and his/her family, SolidarMed will:


  • in case of a contract of up to 24 months not contribute towards the cost of a return flight,
  • in the case of a contract of 36 months, pay a fixed sum contribution towards a return flight earliest after 12 months,
  • in case of contract extensions (seen over the entire contract period), SolidarMed will pay a contribution
  • towards the cost of a return flight every 36 months,
  • in case of a permanent contract, the question of home leave will be regulated in the employment contract.


The flight home will be a return flight on a direct route from the place of deployment. The fixed sum is a contribution and is dependent on the country of assignment. The amount will be defined on an annual basis by head office. As a basis for its calculations, SolidarMed selects the means of transport – as a rule scheduled flights – and requests a pro forma invoice for a charity rate booking three months in advance. The home country will be defined in the employment contract.


Project-related training and further training: Permission for training and further training will be issued by the Employer. The relevant criterion is whether the time and financial expenditure are in reasonable and for SolidarMed justifiable proportion with the anticipated benefit. In addition, the timing and duration of any training may not impair the continuity of the work. Appropriate deputising must be ensured. SolidarMed may only oblige the Employee to attend further training insofar as this is necessary for the fulfillment of specific tasks.



Health insurance and accident insurance


The Employee and his/her accompanying family members will be insured in accordance with the provisions pertaining to obligatory health insurance pursuant to the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act [Bundesgesetz (BG) über die Krankenversicherung (KVG)] within the framework of a collective insurance policy at Concordia Lucerne, with the Employee insured exclusively against illness (for accident insurance see below), the family members being insured against illness and accident. SolidarMed will pay the premiums for this insurance policy. The processing and forwarding of treatment costs incurred abroad as well as reimbursements of the insurance company will be handled by head office in Lucerne. If the Employee wishes to remain with his/her previous insurance provider, SolidarMed shall pay out to the Employee an amount equivalent to the premiums which would have been payable for the collective insurance policy. At the end of the contract, SolidarMed will continue to pay the health insurance and accident insurance premiums for one month. After this, the Employee is responsible for his/her own insurance cover.



Return journey


SolidarMed will cover the costs of direct flights for the entire family back to their country of residence before employment with SolidarMed. SolidarMed will purchase the tickets. Costs for travel to and from the airport will be not be reimbursed. Head office must be informed of the departure date at least  3 months beforehand. The home country will be defined in the employment contract. Should a return flight not be claimed, SolidarMed will reimburse the calculated flight costs based on a pro-forma invoice, with the flight date being the contract end date, booked 3 months in advance.



Obligations of the Employee


In accordance with the objectives of SolidarMed


1. The Employee fully commits him/herself to:


a) the fulfillment of his/her tasks;

b) support other employees in their tasks and if necessary to deputise for them;

c) assume additional tasks as and when necessary within the framework of the project;

d) exercise his/her profession in accordance with the ethical principles of the sector and to respect the objectives of the project partner;

e) take on additional tasks on behalf of SolidarMed, such as e.g. preparing for and supporting missions and project visits or drawing up project applications;

f) respect the laws and customs in force in the assignment country, and will take steps to ensure that his/her family members likewise adhere to these rules;

g) take part in SolidarMed’s public relations and fundraising activities throughout the duration of his/her employment with SolidarMed. (Any independent activities in this regard both during and following the assignment are subject to the approval of and coordination with SolidarMed head office in Lucerne);

h) treat the material, infrastructure and financial project resources with care. In the event of the improper and negligent treatment of material, infrastructure and financial project resources, SolidarMed reserves the right to initiate legal steps and to demand reimbursement.



2. The Employee undertakes to:


a) provide the documents which are necessary to enter and to obtain a work permit in his/her country of assignment;

b) arrange a check-up and consultation with a specialist in Tropical Medicine for him/herself and his/her accompanying family members and to adhere to the recommendations given;

c) arrange a final medical check-up by a specialist in Tropical Medicine for him/herself and his/her accompanying family members within two months following the end of the assignment. The costs for the final medical check-up are covered in the flat-rate contribution for return costs. The Employee is obliged to forward confirmation of the final medical check-up to SolidarMed;

d) In the event of a journey to Switzerland or Europe, pay a visit to head office in Lucerne. (The visit is to be discussed with head office in advance. Time expended for this visit to head office is considered working time and associated costs will be reimbursed in accordance with the regulations set out in the “SolidarMed Expenses Regulations for non-domestic personnel);

e) administer funds and materials obtained from third parties exclusively via SolidarMed head office in Lucerne or via a bank account designated for this purpose by SolidarMed head office;

f) inform SolidarMed head office ahead of time about any private projects of his/her family members;

g) maintain confidentiality on completion of the assignment. In respect of patient data, medical personnel are subject to professional confidentiality during and after completion of the assignment;

h) observe the directives issued by SolidarMed and to submit all and any demanded reports and documents in good time.


3. The Employee is prohibited from:


a) taking on any additional work without the approval of SolidarMed;

b) engaging in economic or political activities in the assignment country, and may also not acquire real estate property;

c) exploiting or disclosing to any third party facts and data which are to be kept secret and of which he becomes cognisant in the service of SolidarMed



Contingency fund, final report and exit interview


Contingency Fund


In the first 12 months of employment, SolidarMed will create a contingency fund by deducting CHF 400.- from the Employee’s salary. This fund will be paid out to the Employee at the end of his/her assignment, on condition that SolidarMed has no further financial or material claims.


Final Report and Exit Interview


Within two months following the completion of the assignment, the Employee commits him/herself to submitting a final written report including project-relevant photographs, in accordance with the template supplied. In addition, s/he will make her/himself available for an exit interview at SolidarMed head office in Lucerne. SolidarMed will not pay out the contingency fund until the final report has been submitted and the exit interview has been held. The Employee will lose his/her entitlement to the contingency fund should the final report and exit interview formalities not be completed within two months following the end of the assignment.


How to apply?


Visit to find open positions.

For detailed information about an individual position, please contact the person mentioned in the job description.

Applications are accepted in electronic format only 

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted and invited for an interview


Example of the vacancy:








Project manager primary healthcare, with focus on MCH and Tb/HIV


Project Information


The project Health First Lesotho aims at improving access to integrated primary health care services at selected health centres, with focus on MCH and Tb/HIV through clinical mentoring, capacity building, and management support.

Implemented in close collaboration with the District Health Management Team of Butha Buthe, the project aims at establishing good quality decentralized services and improving the continuum of care with a link to referral district hospitals. Due to Lesotho’s disease burden, the thematic focus is on TB, HIV and maternal and child health.

The project is embedded into the SolidarMed country strategy, which includes complementary targeted support of the hospitals in the programme area, as well as applied action research.

In addition, SolidarMed staff is closely involved in policy dialogue at different levels, applied action research and further project development.



Desired qualifications


1. Physician with at least 3 years of working experience

2. Degree in public health

3. Working experience in a low income country, preferably in Sub-Saharan Africa

4. Clinical expertise in the area of Mother and Child Health; understanding of the TB and HIV epidemic

5. Applied knowledge in project cycle management and report writing (English)

6. Interest in operational research, scientific exchange, knowledge sharing and data management; experience in this area would be an asset

7. Valid driving license

8. Personal flexibility and preparedness to live in a remote rural place with frequent dislocations to the other project site and the capital Maseru


The position comes with a mix of managerial (planning, coordination, networking, reporting etc.) and clinical (mentoring, coaching, on the job teaching) tasks. We are looking for a hands-on person, socially competent, with clinical and public health competence, not afraid of organizing and implementing.


For help and consultation on recruitment process:

contact Ukrainian Medical Council by phone +38(050) 405-03-47, or

visit our office in Kiev.






To find out more about SolidarMed visit their official web page.