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Working as a doctor in Mauritius



Part III of the Medical Council Act 1999 as amended establishes guidelines on “Registration” of medical practitioners at the Medical Council. Any person who is a citizen of Mauritius possessing a qualification in medicine awarded by a recognised medical institution is eligible to obtain any of the following registration, namely:

        • Registration as general practitioner
        • Registration as specialist

Additionally, a non-citizen can obtain a temporary registration if the person possesses a work permit/occupational permit issued by government and the required qualification in medicine.

Applications for registration are made in the prescribe application forms which can be downloaded from the following links below.

Applicants must be graduated from Recognised Medical Institutions:

Application forms:

Application Form for Pre-Registration Trainee

Application Form for Registration as a General Practitioner

Application Form for Registration as a Specialist

Documents to be submitted with Photocopies (at the time of application for registration):

1. Birth Certificate

2. ID Card/Residence Permit (as applicable)

3. SC or equivalent

4. HSC or equivalent

5. Passport

6. Evidence of Pre-registration Training

7. Degree/Diploma in Medicine

(to submit official translation in English or French wherever applicable)

8. Valid Work Permit/Occupational Permit (for temporary registration applicants)

9. Certificate of Good Standing from foreign Medical Council/Board

10. Latest Registration Certificate (for those persons who have practiced abroad)


WORK PERMIT Work Permits in respect of expatriate workers are issued by the Employment Division of the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations & Employment under the Non-Citizens (Employment Restriction) Act 1973.

Application Forms and Application documents to be submitted All applications for Work Permit should be submitted on the prescribed form which is available both at the reception counter of the Employment Division

10th Floor, Sterling House Lislet Geoffroy Street Port Louis and On the Ministry’s website

Applications for both Work Permit and Residence Permit should be made simultaneously. A Residence Permit Counter is located at the Employment Division next to the Work Permit Counter.

Documents to be attached:

New Applications (i)

  • 4 Passport size photographs;
  • copy of relevant parts of passport showing name, date of birth, place and date of issue of passport, photo, passport number and movement;
  • certified copy of academic and professional qualifications and details of work experience to be submitted in either French or English;
  • the job profile;
  • A provisional medical clearance in favour of each expatriate obtainable from the Ministry of Health (See Annex 1).

- Documentary evidence from the employer certifying that the expatriate will earn a monthly salary of more than Rs 30,000. OR Contract of Employment duly vetted by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment (Labour Division) in respect of expatriates earning Rs 30,000 or less than Rs 30,000 per month. (vii) Employers should indicate whether they have advertised the post. The posts should be advertised in two leading newspapers in A5 size and the number of workers required for each post should be specified. (viii) Employers who apply for groups of workers should imperatively submit fire and health clearances in respect of dormitories at the time of application.

Foreign skilled workers are normally granted work permits for a maximum period of four years.




No candidate shall be allowed to appear in the examination unless:

- He is a citizen of Mauritius or he is a non citizen who holds a work permit or is exempted from holding a permit under the non citizens (Employment Restriction) Act or holds an Occupation Permit under section 9A of the Immigration Act.

- He possesses a “diploma in Medicine” or equivalent qualification awarded by a recognized medical institution listed in the Medical Council (Medical Institutions) Regulation 2004 as amended (to consult Medical Council of Mauritius website at address:

- He has completed to the satisfaction of the Medical Council a period of not less than 18 months of Pre Registration Training.

Application forms must be submitted within the stipulated time specified in the advertisement and on Medical Council of Mauritius website (

The completed Application form shall be sent to the following address:

The Registrar (APPLICATION FOR MRE-03/2014)

Medical Council of Mauritius

One Way Floreal Road,





The Ministry of Health & Quality of Life requires the medical examination of the migrant workers prior to their arrival in Mauritius and each examination should consist of:- 1. A complete medical examination 2. Blood tests as follows: (a) Full blood count and Haemoglobin (b) Hepatitis B surface antigen (Australia Antigen) (c) Anti-HIV screening test (d) VDRL 3. Urine test for albumin and sugar 4. Stool for parasites 5. Chest x-ray report The above tests should be submitted to the Migrant Workers Unit of the Occupational Health Unit for a Provisional Health Clearance.


  1. Chest x-ray should be repeated in any private clinic, within ONE WEEK after arrival in Mauritius and the report certified by a Radiologist should be submitted by the Migrant Worker Unit/Occupational Health Unit along with a covering letter.
  1. HIV test should be repeated within ONE WEEK after arrival. Expatriates should call in person with their passport and a covering letter from their employer at the Aids Unit of the nearest hospital for the test. Expatriates/employers may call on the following numbers for an appointment.

Note: HIV test done in any private clinic will not be accepted. A Final Health Clearance will be granted only after the above tests have been repeated.

For additional information, you may contact the Occupational Health Unit of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life at ATCHIA Building, Suffren Street, Port-Louis (Tel: 2102743)


Recruiting agencies

Private clinics


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