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Working as a doctor in Botswana



Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa surrounded by the Republic of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.  The country has an area of 581, 730 sq km.  The climate ranges from semi-arid to subtropical. 


The population   stands at 2 million (2011 population census) and grows at about 2.5% annually.  Gaborone is the capital city and has a population of 233, 135.  The national currency is Pula (BWP). 


There are two official languages English and Setswana, but there are several languages and dialects. 


By law every child is entitled to education and there are both local and private institutions of education.  The University of Botswana is the main university offering tertiary education.


Botswana is a major tourist attraction being home of the famous Okavango delta, Elephant rich Chobe National park and the vast Central Kalahari National Park. It is a semi-arid country and does not produce much crop for export although horticulture and irrigated agriculture is rapidly developing. The country being endowed with excellent rangelands for cattle production is a net exporter of Beef to the region and the EU. However the economy is still heavily dominated by the mining industry, with diamonds being the major contributor to the GDP. Other mineral resources are copper, nickel, gold and coal.



Health Care System



The Ministry of Health is mandated with the overall oversight and delivery of health services for Batswana. It is responsible for the formulation of policies, regulation and norms, standards and guidelines of the health services. It is also a major provider of health services through a wide range of health facilities and management structures.



Nationally, 95% of the total populations (89% of the rural population) live within an eight kilometres of a health facility. The public sector is the predominant provider of health care services in Botswana, with more than 80% of the people receiving care from public facilities and programmes.  To find out more about Botswana, visit





VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT – HEALTH PROFESSIONALS (24 months – 36 months contracts)


Vacancies for various positions of health professionals exist in the Ministry of Health, Botswana.  The Ministry is seeking talented, visionary health professionals with sufficient knowledge and experience in providing clinical competence and meeting institutional standards of care.  Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for these positions tenable at various Government Hospitals in Botswana:



        • Obstetrics and Gynecology,
        • Anesthesia,
        • General Surgery,
        • Pediatricians,
        • Psychiatrists,
        • Ophthalmologists,
        • Cardiologists,
        • Neurologists,
        • Urologists,
        • Oncologists,
        • Ear, Nose and Throat,
        • Orthopedic Surgery,
        • Dermatology and Physician

Salary Scale: E2 (USD: [37,456.17– 37, 928.78) per annum


Leave: 30 days per annum


  • Qualifications/Experience: 3 to 4 Post Graduate Clinical Specialist training at a Masters level


Main Purpose of the Job:

To provide specialized medical services in national referral hospitals on a 24 hour basis and manages a medical services


Key Performance Areas:

  • Interprets the broad objectives and policies of the Ministry of Health and collaborates with the relevant Medical Specialist to develop & implement patient care programs in the clinical field of specialization
  • Assesses and determines patient care needs and uses the information to organize clinical work and make patient care assignment to junior medical officers
  • Sets patient care standards in collaboration with medical specialist and hospital management and professional standards division and in line with the regulations of Health Professions Council
  • Consults and examines referred patients, makes diagnosis and decides on the plan of management
  • Implements the medical plan of care in collaboration with junior members of the medical team, performs procedures which have high risk for the patient and which require advanced clinical knowledge and refers more complex problems to the Consultant.




  • Pharmacy,
  • Midwifery,
  • Medical Laboratory Technology (Microbiology),
  • Anesthesia,
  • Environmental Health,
  • Health Education,
  • Ophthalmic Nursing,
  • Psychiatric Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner


Salary Scale: C123 (USD: [9520- 17489.49) per annum


Leave: 25 days per annum



  • §Degree in Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory (Microbiology), Anesthesia, Environmental Health, Health Education, Specialist training in Midwifery, Anesthesia, Ophthalmic, Psychiatry and Family Nurse Practitioner
  • §Minimum of two years experience in practical / clinical area


Main Purpose of the Job:  

  • To develop and implement a teaching plan and lesson plan to facilitate competent graduates




Key Performance Areas:

  • Program development and implementation
  • Draws lesson and teaching plan
  • Sets tests, assignments and examinations
  • Assesses student’s performance
  • Provides input in the development of curriculum
  • Undertakes research on educational material for students and self







Salary Scale: D4 (USD: [19643.4121687.34) per annum


Leave: 30 days per annum

Qualifications/ Experience: BSC Degree in Pharmacy or equivalent, A minimum of 5 years post qualification experience including hospital pharmacy experience. Adequate knowledge of Drug Management, Drug Policy and General Management is necessary.


Main Purpose of the Job: To manage and coordinate pharmaceutical services in Government Hospitals and Clinics ensuring cost effective use of medicines in line with National Pharmaceutical Policies and Standards of Practice


Key Performance Areas:

  1. Plans and programmes pharmaceutical services in accordance with National Pharmaceutical Policies
  2. Develops and implements operational systems and procedures essential in the delivery of efficient and effective pharmaceutical services and patient care
  3. Assesses  and analyses consumption statistics of the health facility to determine needs for pharmaceutical services
  4. Provides drug information services for other health professionals
  5. Maintains a quality assurance system which ensures maintenance of medicines quality, safety and quality


Other Benefits for Pharmacist and Laboratory Technician positions:

  • §Paramedic Allowance (15% of basic salary)
  • §Scarce Skills Allowance( 40% of basic salary











All application letters should quote the title of the position applied for and also provide the following details:


- Brief summary of career with competencies (Curriculum Vitae)

- Certified true copies of academic and professional certificates,

- At least two references from supervisors indicating the number of years of work


- Copy of passport,

- Certificate of good standing and registration to practice medicine


Additional information can be obtained from the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Botswana to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations at Geneva, Switzerland. Contact Person:


Miss Daphne N. Mlotshwa



NB: Appointment is subject to registration with Botswana Health Professions Council





This document is addendum to a contract between the Ministry of Health and                           




BE IT KNOWN that the undersigned parties, for good consideration, agree to the below listed entitlements for Medical Specialists;


Salary Ranges:  The following salary ranges shall apply to Medical Specialists. These ranges may be adjusted by Government from time to time in accordance with section 31 of the Act, read together with Section 95 (8) of the Employment Act, CAP47:01


Medical Specialist - E2      (USD 36,456.17 – 37,928.78) per annum


Basic salaries are in Pula currency (BWP), paid per month

In addition to the basic salary, the following are allowances payable to the Medical Specialists:

  1. Scarce Skill Allowance = 40 % of the Basic Salary
  2. Doctors Overtime allowance = 15% of the Basic Salary
  3. Gratuity  as follows:

 25% at the end of first contract (24-36 months)

 27.5 % at the end of second contract (24-36 months)                              

 30 % at the end of third contract and subsequent contracts (24-36 months)



  1. Highly subsidized  Housing  provided  with basic  furniture
  2.  Passages:  Free passages from the point of departure (recruitment point) to Botswana for appointed officer, with his/her spouse and 3 of his/her children under 19 years of age.
  3. Contract Addition: Dependent upon salary grade with high percentage in respect of lower grades and a lower percentage granted in respect of higher grades.


No other terms or conditions of the contract are negated or changed as a result of this addendum.


The above salary scales are based on the exchange rate as at 15th October 2012 as shown below;


1 BWP = 0.127300 USD

1 USD = 7.85546 BWP