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Схема трудоустройства на Мальдивах






1. Providing a package of documents for translation and legalization

A medical / dental practitioner needs primarily to be granted registration with the Ukrainian Medical Council. Please provide us with all the documents about your education. If possible please also send us the transcript of your qualification. Having received a duly filled application form and all the documents listed by post, the Medical Council will discuss your case and inform you accordingly.

2. Testing language skills for the level IELTS 5.5

Medical Graduates are required to produce evidence of proficiency in English Language to the MMC if their basic medical qualifications are from medical schools where the medium of instruction is not in English. Test results obtained from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test OR the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) within the minimum score stated here can be considered, subject to a validity period of 02 years based on the date of the test.

• IELTS - at least 5,5 for overall score.

• TOEFL - 250 marks for computer‐based test or 600 marks for paper-based test or 100 marks for internet‐based test.

3. Registration with the Maldives Medical Council

Documents need for further processing:

• Form5 New council registration form (attached, fill it sing paste passport size photo and send me)

• CV (with direct contact number)

• Qualification Certificate (MBBS & Specialized certificate)

• Registration Certificate (MBBS & Specialized)

• Internship (52 weeks must be there)

• Labor book

• IELTS Certificate (minimum 5.5 above)

• Experience certificate (minimum 2yrs must be there with recent work experience)

• Good Standing Certificate

• Passport copy (minimum 1yr validity must be there, color copy in jpg format)

• Color passport size photo

4. Signing an Job Offer (example)

Upon selection of the employee from the employer, the employment agency will send the the offer letter to the employee. This letter has to be signed and sent back to the employment agency for us to obtain the necessary approval to be obtained prior to the arrival. Before we receive the signed copy of the offer letter, employment agency will not be able to get the medical council approval. This approval will take around government working 07 -10 days time once we get the signed copy of offer letter from the employee. Even though we send the offer letter to you, without getting the medical council approval it will not be effective and hence your co-operation to send the signed copy of the offer letter ASAP is much appreciated. If any of the employee is currently working in any post, we advise not to resign from the job before we give the work permit (visa) copy as the job will be 100% confirmed once we send the work permit (visa) copy only.

5. Getting a Work permit (visa)

The employment agency will issue the work permit (visa) within around 02 weeks time from the date we get the signed offer letter from the candidate unless otherwise there is a problem in medical council approval. In such a case it will be notified to the employee. Once we get the work permit (visa), a copy of it will be sent to the employee.

6. Arrival

The employee should arrive for employment not later than within 02 weeks time from the date we send the work permit (visa). Arrival date with ticket copy should be sent to the employment agency prior to 05 days of arrival for the employment agency to do the necessary arrangements to receive the candidate from airport.

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