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Professional and language test PLAB conducted by the General Medical Council of Great Britain and is necessary for foreign doctors outside the European Union, before they can practice medicine in the UK.



PLAB test has two parts:

Part 1 - Shows EMQs (Extended question responses) and IBS (the best short answer to the question), this part is carried out in several countries, including Egypt (Cairo), India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
Part 2 - consists of an objective structured clinical examination. This part is only available in the UK. Difficulty of the clinical part of the exam is set at a level of PLAB’s competence senior house officer (SHO) during the first appointment to the hospital of the UK. Skills, which are valued at the time of this examination: clinical examination, practical skills, communication skills and history.

PLAB-test (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board)

PLAB test provides an opportunity to confirm the degree qualifications (Senior House Officer) through direct testing of a candidate's knowledge in the field of medicine, as well as his clinical and communication skills. This testing is the basis by which international medical specialists (International Medical Graduates) can demonstrate that they do have certain skills and knowledge that are required for work and practice in the Commonwealth.

Exam registration / Writing Exam

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Results PLAB

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